American University College Writing 101 Spring 2017


Annotated Bibliography 7&8

7. Exhibit “Georgetown Losing DC Money.” Off Our Backs, vol. 17, no. 9, 1987, pp. 6–6., http://www.jstor.org.proxyau.wrlc.org/stable/25795870?Search=yes&resultItemClick=true&searchText=georgetown&searchText=dc&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3Ffc%3Doff%26amp%3BQuery%3Dgeorgetown%2Bdc%26amp%3Bprq%3Dgeorgetown%26amp%3Bacc%3Don%26amp%3Bhp%3D25%26amp%3Bwc%3Don%26amp%3Bso%3Drel&seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents. “Georgetown Losing DC Money” from Off Our Backs discusses a problem Georgetown University had back in 1987. The issue was that the university…
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Annotated Bibliography 5&6

5. Argument Fandos, Nicholas. “At 2 Georgetown Cemeteries, History in Black and White.”ProQuest Central, Oct 20, 2016, http://search.proquest.com.proxyau.wrlc.org/central/docview/1830607538/75479F516EF347F0PQ/1?accountid=8285. This New York Times article, “At 2 Georgetown Cemeteries, History in Black and White,” was recently written about Mount Zion, a run-down black…
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Annotated Bibliography 3&4

3. Exhibit “News and Views: Georgetown University: A Mostly White Enclave in a Black City.” The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, vol. 35, Spring 2002, pp. 54-57, http://www.jstor.org.proxyau.wrlc.org/stable/3133841?Search=yes&resultItemClick=true&searchText=georgetown&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3Facc%3Don%26amp%3Bgroup%3Dnone%26amp%3Bwc%3Don%26amp%3BQuery%3Dgeorgetown%26amp%3Bfc%3Doff&seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents. In The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, “News and Views: Georgetown University: A mostly…
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