Bibliography 9&10

60 Minutes.Why Bezos Bought The Washington Post. YouTube. Accessed 3 May 2017.
In Jeff Bezos’ interview on the 60 Minutes show, he opened up about why he chose to purchase the Washington Post and what his plans were for the paper. The 60 Minutes show is know for getting down to the bare bones of the topic, which in this case was: what does the CEO of Amazon have to do with the D.C. based national paper.
I am using this as a background source, because I needed to get a better understanding of the story behind the business deal and why Bezos is getting into the news reporting business.     I believe it is best to use a video of Bezos, telling the public about his future plans for the paper, is the most genuine type of source because I can analyze his tone, physical mannerism and other rhetorical aspects of the interview.

The New York Times. Jeff Bezos: Background on the Amazon Founder Who Bought The Washington Post. YouTube. Accessed 3 May 2017.
In New York Times’ report on Jeff Bezos, they provided a detailed explanation of his successes and how he came about with Amazon. They also mentioned the work he has been doing on the Washington Post.
This is a background source addressing Jeff Bezos’ story and how he became as successful as he is. This is an essential source to my research because I have to know how he got to where he is now in order to understand how will he transform the Washington Post.

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