In the Hands of the Designers

In Suzanne Tick’s, “His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society,” she argues that it is designers should take a stance in order to society’s issues and encourage acceptance and change. We live in a world that is redefines gender and explores the concept of a multi gender society. Historically, societies were strictly monochromatic, either you are male or female and no one ever talked about not fitting into either category. Though in today’s society we are forced to eliminate the ignorance and face the idea that not everyone affiliated with the traditional gender roles. In Tick’s article, she brings up an excellent point that not only are architectural movements predominantly constructed by males, but also have a rhetorical intention of establishing gender roles within the built environment. Tick points out that this is a great opportunity for emerging designers to create designs that cater to all genders. Those she continues on explaining that many companies are beginning to accommodate gender neutrality within the workplace beginning with bathrooms. As Tick points out again, bathrooms are only the start, because soon enough everything will change, including our commonplaces. Work spaces, universities, and other communities are all commonplaces which are beginning to emerge towards holistic acceptance of all varieties of people. Lastly, Tick restates her call to action as: “this is an essentially human phenomenon, and we need to design for the accumulation of different human beings who are out there by being respectful to individual needs, and creating environments in which people can have their own individuality.”

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