Is ‘My AU’ Really Yours?

Ever had trouble logging into your AU Portal? Ever been not able to find something you desperately need? As students at the American University, the AU Portal is intended to serve as a data hot spot of all of our personal information and a platform for answers to any questions we have about how AU does things. It is an online commonplace of a sort for the administration and other entities to  communicate vital information. A few days ago I was logging into my portal in order to update my timesheet for my on campus job. As usual, I filled in my username and password. Clicked on the drop down for ‘work@au,’ then pressed on ‘payroll,’ and glanced over to the right side bar, where the ‘timesheet’ button is usually located. After about ten minutes of poking around and searching the keyword ‘timesheet’ was I able to actually locate it. Then it got me thinking: is the website intended to be so confusing? Wouldn’t you think the user experience designers know how to design a website that is more accessible and easier navigation by its users? I do not have a particular opinion on this matter but I was just considering it, because it is always so difficult to navigate and find information on the website. I mean, originally a student portal is intended to be a platform connecting all aspects of the university, which can be simply navigated.

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