The Washington Post is Making Their Big Move and Here is What the Reporters Have to Say

Heil, Emily. “John Kerry, Jeff Bezos Celebrate Official Opening of New Washington Post Headquarters.Washington Post – Blogs; Washington, 28 Jan. 2016.

Exhibit: In Emily Heil’s article, “John Kerry, Jeff Bezos Celebrate Official Opening of New Washington Post Headquarters,” she reports opening of the new Washington Post headquarters establishes a new era for the newspaper. First reflecting on the successes of the past, the article explores the new achievements to come in the newly dedicated Graham Family Conference Room. This article is key to my research as a demonstration of the transition and emergence of a new era for the paper.

Though it may seem like I am collecting way too many Washington Post articles for this research, but I am doing this in order to get different perspectives on this matter. Reports are the ones who are directly being affected by the move and it is interesting to see what they have to say about the transition in power and the idea of the newspaper as a whole. This piece in particular will be interesting to analyse because it draws attention to the new conference room that is named after the past owners, as tribute. What does that mean for the company? Being known for innovative technological advancements, does Bezos wish to keep some origins of the paper or will he completely transform the concept? As I have mentioned before, the reporters are the one having that first person experience within the company and being the ones to speak out to the public, their work is an excellent exhibition source for understanding the internal modification within the Washington Post.


Niedt, Bob. “The Washington Post’s New Headquarters Mixes the Future of Journalism into Its LegacyWashington Business Journal, 18 Dec. 2015.

Background: In Bob Niedt’s article, The Washington Post’s New Headquarters Mixes the Future of Journalism into its Legacy,” he comments on the relocation of the national paper and what that means for the company. This article gives me the background information on how many employees are working for the newspaper and what is the size of the work space and that kind of information. This is also an article revealing the compositional rhetoric of the interior plan and design of the headquarters. The article also exposes the evolved factors of the newly digitized newsroom. Niedt also mentions that there exists ” the newsroom of the future. But also, there are lots of ties back to the legacy and brand we’ve created over the decades.”

Being a background source, it allows me to better understand the physical difference between the old and new headquarters. This article is essential to my research because it gives my research an outside perspective on the innovations that are happening in the relocated historic newsroom. At the old headquarters, the newsroom was the prized historic possession and many are curious how it was reconstructed. With the dramatic switch in power, came the sudden adaptation to modernized technology; for example there are “monitors are filled with the data that’s the lifeblood of new media: Analytics, the stuff that reveals where the readers are located, which stories they’re engaged with, for how long, how did they landed on The Post’s website and more.”

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