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“I am the Captain now”

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It is difficult for one to describe the inner culture of a company as an outsides, but what I can describe is the dramatic power switch within The Washington Post after it was purchased by Jeff Bezos. As the video describes, after the purchase and sale of the old headquarters, The Washington Post had been expected to change toward a more modernized and technology driven medium of news reporting. This is a great video for my research because it directly explains how the new owner will transform the historic previously family owned business and what that could mean for the readers.

The Washington Post Needed to Upgrade

Looking at the images of the new headquarters of the Washington Post, I can’t help but wonder if the newly installed interactive technology enough to make up for the atmosphere of the old, yet monumental, headquarters? In some way it is understandable to renovate the floor plan of the headquarters into a more technologically advanced one, because today most media is distributed through electronic gadgets and the internet. I personally believe the new composition of the headquarters mark the beginning of a new stage in the development of the newspaper, in the age of digitalization.