300 Indiana Ave NW

Check Google Maps

Take a look at Google Maps. Search 300 Indiana Ave NW Washington D.C. 20001. This is what you’ll find: a building that looks like the number 8 turned on its side. This building has many names. It’s the Municipal Center, the Henry J. Daly building, 300 Indiana Ave NW, and the Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters. For a building that should be important in a city like D.C., why is it not emphasized as such on a visual search like Google Maps? I think that this speaks to the fact that the city is not proud of this establishment. While there is interesting history behind the building (such as the shootout mentioned in S Street Rising) the interior is falling apart. The Henry J. Daly building is not fit for any business to run properly, let alone the police department of a nation’s capital. I believe that the poor representation of the building on Google Maps compared to other buildings around it shows the (lack of) agenda for the building. It’s run-down and overlooked. The areas surrounding are embellished with memorials and nature while the building itself is concrete and intimidating. The future of the building is currently undecided, but from what I can see, the building needs some serious help.




Photo taken from https://www.google.com/maps

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