The video shown here is an advertisement to the public trying to encourage citizens to join the police force. A majority of the footage shows the police in action as they draw their guns, storm buildings, and pursue “bad guys.” The action based footage is likely utilized to entice citizens and make them want to be involved. Furthermore, the voiceovers in the video talk about how being a police officer is a challenge. This so-called challenge is explained as being the first to arrive at crime scenes or getting involved when others might not. This overall view of the police, however, is only a part of the job. What the video does not mention is the every day interaction that the MPD has with citizens or even the small differences that officers can make in anyone’s life. The video fails to describe how the goals of the MPD should be keeping the greater public safe and in balance. Rather, the video focuses on the action and potential danger of the job. In my eyes, this video undermines the heart of the job which seems to get lost to most of the public.



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