Dance It Out

Okay, so I’m not a dancer nor am I able to judge technique or anything like that, but I find this interpretation of James Bay’s “Let It Go” to be riveting. The dancers tell the story of a painful breakup, and anyone who has ever been though a breakup knows how hard it can be. Each dancer portrays different emotions as they show the different stages a relationship goes through. Within the dance you can see love, lust, hatred, abuse, and more. You see the dancers working together to create a masterpiece with the music as they take on their roles. While depending on each other in the dance, the dancers each do their own individual parts in the whole, just like in a relationship. There come points where it looks like one dancer relies more on the other, which symbolizes the strain that dependence can have on a relationship. Furthermore, there appears to be an element of abuse and violence in the dance. While this might not be how Bay intended for the song to be, the choreography takes on a life of its own with these choices from the choreographer.

I would also like to note that this dance to Unsteady by X Ambassadors is also beautiful and it speaks for a lot more than what may appear.

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