Independence Day

I had no classes today because it was Independence Day here! One of our program directors took us to the Independence Day event near the building. We had to wear all white in honor of their celebration (I was lucky I bought a white and pink kurta earlier this week). It was only an hour long ceremony and all we did was listen to a few speeches and watched groups of students from each college march. The marching style looked kind of funny, but I really enjoyed watching it. It was incredibly humid during the outdoor event and I was melting into a little puddle. I stood on the roots of a tree for the whole hour because occasionally a little breeze would roll by there. The downside was the ants on the ground liked to snack on me. After the short ceremony, Krishnendu and I wandered around Manipal together. We didn’t find anything interesting after about 45 minutes of walking so we turned back to grab lunch. We ate in the food court with a variety of little stalls. We ended up going to the Malaysian place because I practically dragged Krishnendu there. The cashier kept trying to recommend dishes, but I had it all handled. I ordered us two nasi goreng and teh tarik. I’m 99.97% sure I’ve mentioned teh tarik to you at some point in time. The food was nommy and comforting for me. I finally had something familiar rather than Indian food for some pseudo American dish. Other than that I really didn’t do much today. The Malaysian food is making me kind of sick right now, but I’ll probably eat there again. Now I am going to watch The Spectacular Now and go to bed. Remember we talked about that movie at Captain Cookie the second time we went out? I love you and miss you lots!

P.S. I know this picture is on Instagram but I had nothing else relevant enough to feature with this post 🙂 and here’s another photo from the mall in Mangalore the other day. You know, you really benefit from Krishnendu always taking photos.


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