First Latte Abroad

It wasn’t the best day for me by any means to put it nicely. My first class was Surveillance of Infectious Diseases from 9am to 11am. We only meet once a week and thank god for that. only two people are in the class including me which makes the session incredibly discussion based. Normally, I am not one to speak much in class so this really puts me in an unwanted spotlight.  My professor was very condescending and made fun of us the whole time. It was really shocking he expected us to already know all of this specific demographic information about India and how to set up a surveillance program–I thought we were here to learn that? It was a really difficult class session to get through, but I’m sure it will improve as my understanding the subject does. Epidemiology was better in the sense I wasn’t talked down to, but the professor is very difficult to understand. He mumbles very quietly and doesn’t seem to complete his thoughts just trails off. Important thing to note: this is a different professor than who I had on monday.  Thankfully, a lot of the topics were already covered in my intro to public health class so a lot of the lecture material look familiar. I was frustrated after my day of classes and tried to cool off by going to the campus coffee shop for a latte. The latte was on the sweeter side, but still nommy (you would have enjoyed it more). The cashier for whatever reason wouldn’t give me my change of 10 rupees back. The total price was 100 rupees and she gave me zero change back?? I know 10 rupee notes exist. I mean it’s not much USD, but just WHY?!?! After a few hours of studying, I finally left to eat an early dinner and read Fahrenheit 451 in the food court. I got Malaysian food again EEEE. I had char kuey teow this time! It was also nommy, but there were whole chili peppers in it and I didn’t realize. So my mouth was on fire for a little while, then I got used to it. Another white girl came into the cafeteria for a little while so I stared at her to pass the time (it wasn’t obvious I swear).  My final event of the day was swimming! I went to the outdoor pool in the sports center for about a half hour until it closed. I think there is a pool for girls and a pool for guys. It’s interesting how much they separate us by gender here, even in the classrooms by choice everyone sits separately. Welp, that’s all I have to share. Here’s a picture of my latte from earlier. It the wrong way, but I don’t know how to fix it. I love you so much! Have a good day 🙂 !

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