I had my Surveillance of Infectious Disease class again today. It was significantly better this time. My professor seems to of toned it down a bit and stopped belittling us, which was much appreciated. I’m not sure what was going on the first day of class. The class is 2 hours and oh my goodness that time flies. He really keeps us on our toes and pushes us to remember things quickly/accurately. I’ve never experienced a professor or really anyone like that before, but I’m adjusting. He worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Bihar to eradicate polio. I enjoyed hearing about his experience with them and outlook on the whole situation. He felt it was shameful India had to request help from WHO to eradicate polio because their government wasn’t taking action. I never thought of asking an organization like WHO as shameful and it’s interesting to see that point of view. That class is turning more into a sociology/history class with the common theme of healthcare rather than surveillance of infectious disease, but I’m okay with it. The class is engaging and I learn so much in just 2 hours.

I had my art class again today. The teacher is really sweet, she dances around the art studio singing to herself and mixing paint. Although, I cannot for the life of me do her ‘smudging’ technique with watercolours. It’s basically used to blend the colors together and soften the lines. She does it with such ease and it’s flawless, then I try to do the same thing and it looks like mud. Hopefully,  I can figure it out since it’s a significant technique to my painting.

I attended a meeting today for VSO (volunteer service organization) at the university! The club is amazing. Student goes out and volunteers in the community every week in hospital wards, blood drives, etc. There’s a unique service option where a small group of students can design their own public health intervention and address some health concern in a nearby slum, such as health promotion signs for hand washing. The students have to assess their impact after completing the project. I REALLY REALLY wish I could participate in that type of program. It’s such an amazing public and global health experience (not to mention how much it could benefit the community), but with how my program is structured I can’t. It requires a lot of time and dedication on the weekends and that’s when my required group travel events are. Honestly, I am here for my education and would give up the travel weekends if I could. I can come back and travel around the country at another point in time.

Also: I am addicted to masala dosa and watermelon juice. It’s all I want to have. All. The. Time.

I love you! Have a fun day moving (hehe)!

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