The other Americans and I had a 3 day weekend last week, so we decided to take a short trip somewhere! We hastily made plans to take an overnight bus to the city Hampi in Karnataka. We only stayed there for 2 days and 1 night! The bus ride was horrible for me. I get really, really, really carsick here and the bumpy roads do not help one bit. I took an anti-nausea pill for the 10 hour bus ride and it knocked me out for a majority of the trip. The last few hours though I woke up and felt nasty. Thankfully, we made it to our stop in Hospet before I actually got sick.

Getting off the bus was a little scary, we were IMMEDIATELY attacked by rickshaw drivers. They were fighting over who would get to drive us. I had to literally shove two men apart to get off the bus. We managed to fins a calm driver and he drove us to Hampi  (it’s a 30 minute drive from Hospet). It turns out he knew exactly where our hotel was, Hotel Om Shiva, because his mother owned a little restaurant next door. It was a funny coincidence. The cha and masala dosa there was sooooo nommy there. I would eat there again in a heartbeat. The banana lassi was also really good. I had it three times over the course of two days hehe.

After eating breakfast I wandered around the town and visited old temples. I visited the Sri Virupaksha Temple (which is a UNESCO Heritage site). The temple was being repaired/ repainted so a good chunk of it was closed off for visitors. Krishnendu wanted to take my photo by a pole and I was posing for her, then this random man walked up behind her and tried to take a photo too. I half yelled at him no and quickly moved away–it was weird.  Also, I went to Matanga Hill and took lots of picture. A man there worked at the temple and wanted to show us another one at the top of a hill. It was really spontaneous and poorly planned. All of us were wearing kurta and sandals as we ascended a terrifying mountain to reach it. Realistically the mountain wasn’t that high up, but the steps were incredibly steep, slanted, and slippery. So it was absolutely terrifying. Amy and Krishnendu stopped after we reached one of the platforms with a whole view of Hampi. Meagan and I keeps going to the top. That part was absolutely horrifying. I was scared for my life. The “steps” weren’t even steps just slanted pieces of rock. Once I reached the top thought it was worth it. Remember the picture I accidentally took of myself? I took that after reaching the top! Overall, I felt very accomplished, considering I am not an experienced hiker (or climber??)! I visited 1000 other temples and will post pictures for you, but those were the most noteworthy ones.

To be honest, wandering around temples and drinking banana lassi was pretty much all I did. Oh wait! I also went on a mini boat ride in what looked like a wicker basket? It was really fun, but I got super sunburned from it. My face is a really weird red/orange color now, I hope it goes away haha. The cows there were really funny. They would just wander into restaurants and harass everyone.

The night we scheduled to take the bus home was absolutely crazy It felt like the universe was doing everything ginti power to prevent us from reaching the bus on time. First, the rickshaw we crammed into was stopped by a train that took 15 minutes to pass by. It was crazy to watch people shove their motorcycles under the gate and zoom over the tracks just in time. After the train passed, the rickshaw ran out of gas and our driver had to leave and get more. It was a little scary since we were four girls sitting in a rickshaw on a dark highway waiting for him to return. No one stopped or even bugged us though it was perfectly fine. THEN, there was a freaking cow laying in the MIDDLE of the dark road and we narrowly missed it. All of this delayed us by at least 25 minutes, but it gets worse. We finally arrived and jumped on the Ganesh Travels bus back to Udupi Just on time. Only to realize we were travelling with SRS Travels instead, which was really far away and it was 7:57pm at that time (our bus was scheduled to leave at 8pm). All of us leaped off and went SPRINTING through the street of Hospet to reach the SRS bus on time. Amy dropped all of her stuff, so I ran back to grab her bags and help her out. She didn’t have time to put her shoes back on though and ran barefoot on the street. Thankfully, we made it with 2 minutes to spare. It was absolutely crazy.

I will attach pictures tomorrow because it’ll take 10 years to load. I love you! I hope your first day of classes went well 🙂

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