One Month Mark!

It’s one day away from one month in India being complete! Only 3 months left here and 4 more until we get to see each other again! I didn’t really do much today. I had the class Surveillance of Infectious Diseases this morning from 9AM to 11AM. The class is getting a lot better! Initially, I felt my professor was rude and would antagonize us, but he’s relaxed a lot since the first class (maybe he was just stressed out that day). We mostly discussed the control efforts for polio in India, specifically in the state Bihar. My professor worked with the World Health Organization to completely eradicate polio from that rural state. The project sounded truly remarkable considering the challenges they faced, such as 95% of the population lived in rural village areas. After class, I met Krishnendu in KMC (the Kasturba Medical College) cafeteria for a quick drink. I didn’t eat breakfast and was starving. I just got Milo and finished that off 🙂 I’m slowly getting addicted to it again haha. We decided to grab lunch too since our art class was going to start soon as well. I just ate a ‘pesto’ pasta type dish and Krishnendu had rice.

My art class was okay. To be honest, I’m not enjoying it as much as I could. The teacher isn’t teaching us how to paint or anything like that. It’s more like she draws the picture and we fill it in. I wish I could have creative control over my painting. If it turns out well, I will hang it in my room when I get back :). After art class, I ran to the swimming pool. The pool hours are separated by women and men times. We are only allowed an hour of swim time twice a day. It’s pretty annoying to be honest. I wish I could go into the pool whenever I please, instead of within certain hours. Swimming was really nice. I only did a few laps for 40 minutes. My shoulders ached a littl e, but overal it ws nice to swim again. OH MY GOSH! I forgot to mention! I FOUND MY SHOES!! EEEEEE! Someone placed them in the lost in found. I am so incredibly lucky.

I’m really falling asleep right now. I texted you the rest of my day. I lvoe you so much!! 🙂 Have a good day!

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