My Day

I just finished all my classes for the day (thank goodness) I’m so sleepy from all of them. It’s funny how classes here are canceled ALL the time. My national public health systems class has been canceled for 3 weeks in a row! I’ve only had two lectures for that class and my midterms are at the end of September!! What in the world?! I’m sure the teacher will accommodate for these disruptions, but it’s bizarre. The class is really interesting, but I’ve worried these health policy models I’m learning will not be relevant to policy making/assessment in the US. My professor won’t stop talking about the “cafeteria approach” for public health. It’s. So. Annoying. He teaches two of my other classes and brings it up during every class period. Also, he asks us so many irrelevant questions all the time. The funny thing is he asks us the same questions in his other classes and doesn’t remember. “What is the worlds unhealthiest country?” “Ethiopia.” “What is the world’s smallest country?” “Vatican.” He probably thinks I’m a genius at this point because I always get them right hahaha.

What else did I do today? Oh, I went to my favorite masala dosa place today, but I ordered something different. Shocking I know. I got a samosa and watermelon juice. The samosa was soooo good. I had it with coconut chutney and an oddly delicious ketchup? The ketchup in India is really good. It’s kind of sweet and spicy at the same time. The samosa was only 15 rupee and I was very happy about that.

Other than that, I really didn’t do much today. Just hung out around campus with Krishenedu and Amy. I had a headache so I skipped painting. Honestly, painting is REALLY boring. All I do is color in where my teacher tells me to. I feel like I have zero creative control over my painting and it’s frustrating. By the time I finish the painting I won’t even be proud of it because it’s basically my teacher’s work.

This weekend I am traveling to Bangalore with Amy and Krishnendu which will be fun! The whole trip is going to cost like $30 which is really nice. Christina today was asking me how I can afford to travel here haha. I told her it was because of the 1 USD to 60 rupee conversion. There’s a lot of students here that plan to study in the US during their undergrad education. I wonder how they handle such a huge currency difference? I would feel perpetually terrified to buy anything! Although, a majority of them are from affluent families so it might not be a huge deal for them. Just some food for thought I guess.

I am learning how to play soccer here! Today was my first lesson, it went pretty well. I am not cappable of running and kicking the ball at the same time. I’m not coordinated enough for that kind of multitasking. I was decent at making goals though! I mean I could get it inside the goal. I was happy with that achievement. I am trying to find someone here to play badminton with. No one seems to be interested yet. WHY WON’T ANYONE EVER PLAY BADMINTON WITH ME!? When I get back we should play more sports togehter. You will obviously be infinitely better than me, but it will still be fun none the less.

I love and miss you! I can’t wait for your gift to arrive. I hope you like it 🙂

P.S. I can’t get the featured photo to upload right now. I will put one up later!

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