Pav Baji

Today felt really short to me, I just had two classes (3 hours total) and no other obligations. I had my contemporary Indian studies class this morning and then a few hours later I had a makeup class for Basic Epi. Okay, that class just keeps getting cancelled and at this point I feel like I’m never going to learn anything. My class for this week has been rescheduled a minimum of 3 times. JUST THIS WEEK. It’s insane, but I talked to a local student and she said it was normal. My PUBH-110 course has become incredibly useful for epi though. A lot of the language looks familiar to me and I can pick up on the concepts of Epi a lot faster. Today we learned about the natural history of a disease. I loved it! It was really really interesting. My favorite part of the class was when we discussed the pre/ postpathogenisis phases of disease. There was a cool flow chart used to explain it. 

After my first class of the day, Krishnendu and I went to a place called Eggfactory to get ice cream. We were really exhausted from class and wanted a treat hahaha. The name of the ice cream shop is weird, but it’s soooo good. I got a scoop of Belgian chocolate in a cone and Krishnendu got mango ice cream. We took an auto rickshaw back to the dorms because we were feeling tired and lazy. I ended up loitering in the lobby for a few hours. I just did homework and research fellowship opportunities for after graduation. 

A few hours later I had Basic Epi and worked very hard to not look sleepy. After class Amy, Krishnendu, and I went to get dinner. All of us tried Pav Baji for the first time. Oh. My. Goodness. It was delicious. The featured photo is going to be of the food I hate today hahaha. 

Other than than I didn’t do much. I just studied and hung out with Amy. I love you so much! Have a good day ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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