Community Health Center Visit

I visited a community health center (CHC) today with my exchange group. The rural healthcare system in India has 5 different levels of care: Subcenter, Primary Health Center, CHC, and a District Hospital. As you go up the levels there will be more specialized care available, larger healthcare facilities, and more health workers. The CHC offers a lot of specialized care for tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs, malaria, and even programs for noncommunicable diseases. To be honest, every time we visit a health center I get a little scared just because some infectious disease are being treated there and there’s always tons of patients waiting around. I’m perfectly safe every time it’s just that slight paranoia. I ask the head medical officer about how many TB cases he is treats every year. Right now he has 20 active cases for a center that serves around 20,000 people I think? It was really interesting to hear about the interventions and preventative measures they use to control TB. 

After my field visit, I had lunch with Amy and Krishnendu. We went to our favorite masala dosa place and loitered there for a while. I just had watermelon juice because I wasn’t hungry. The watermelon juice here is soooo good. It just enables my fruit addiction. I really hope they don’t add sugar to the juice, otherwise I’m coming back with type 2 diabetes hahaha. We wandered back to the geopolitics department because we had a henna class at 2:30 PM. One of our program coordinates set it up for us. We drew on sheets of paper with henna for about an hour. I was ABSOLUTELY horrible at henna. I just ended up drawing a picture of Amy with it and had someone else henna my hand. 

The class ended around 4 PM, so Amy and I went to buy medicine for Bangalore. I needed to buy motion sickness pills for the 8 hours bus ride tonight. We leave at 9 PM, but don’t worry I’ll have connection to message you. I’m going to a modern city not a rural town like Hampi again. Amy bought ibuprofen for 15 rupees. My pills cost 30 rupees. Now I’m just laying in bed trying to motivate myself to pack. We are only in Bangalore from Saturday morning to Sunday evening so I won’t need much.

Overall, my day was pretty good! I hope your day goes well too. I love and miss you so much 🤗.  Oh I almost forgot, I got ice cream today as well at a place called Egg Factory. It was nommy. Love you! 

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