I miss D.C.

Today I only had one class. My National Health Systems classes was cancelled AGAIN! I’ve had two classes thus far because my professor just keeps canceling it. It’s so frustrating, especially with midterms coming up. My midterms are in two weeks (AHHHHHHH)! All of my professor are being very vague with the testing format/ expectations so I’m really nervous. I’ve already started studying because I need to do well. I studied the content from my surveillance class today and I have to write up a field report tomorrow. Oh, I got very side tracked. The only class I had today was contemporary Indian studies. My professor lectured on Gandhi and his life/ contribution to India’s independence. 

My friends Priya, Amy, Krishnendu, Björn, and Maya all discovered the magic of my color changing face. I turned super red today and I don’t know why! I explained to them that if I think about it I can make my face turn red instantly. It’s so embarrassing, I wish it didn’t happen. Ughhhhh. I’m not even embarrassed or anything my face just turns red for NO REASON. I will forever be tomato girl (long live Malaysia 2014/5). 

I spent most of my time today in the library studying. I just sat in one spot and stared at my laptop. I was actually very productive which was a pleasant surprise. I’m finally coping with the fact that I can’t study in a coffee shop or even with coffee next to me. It’s tough, but I’m adapting (survival Beth). My Spotify stopped working on my laptop for a few days and FINALLY IT CAME BACK! I was sooooooo sad I couldn’t listen to music. I couldn’t remember my playlists or artists on my account so I just had to use YouTube mix playlists in the mean time. It was horrible and I will never to that again. 

I got coffee from a place called Georgian. It’s really not good, but a latte is $0.50 vs $3 at Cafe Coffee Days. The latte and Georgian is spit out of a nasty machine haha. Both of us would be little shit heads about that back in D.C.

Well, that was my day! I will write a post about Bangalore soon. I love you so much! Have a good night or day! 😊

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