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I recently finished my research paper for Contemporary Indian Studies! Thank god, I chose a horribly broad topic. It was SO HARD to narrow my topic down. My paper was about food security in India and EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE IDEA FOR MY TOPIC HAD ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT. I couldn’t come up with an original thesis to save my life. I basically just did an overview of the most recent factors contributing to the state of food insecurity here. I had nearly 30 references for my paper because I didn’t know anything about food security and did a lot of research. At least the paper is finished and submitted. Yay!

Today, Krishnendu’s friend Saheen left Manipal for the semester. He is in the program ICAS. I have absolutely no idea what that acronym stands for (I’m 99% certain no one knows). ICAS is a degree program for engineering students here they spend 2 year at Manipal and 2 years abroad. Most kids here are trying to go to Australia, the US, or the U.K. for their final two years. Saheen is finishing his last year at Manipal this Spring and is planning on coming to the US next Fall. Krishnendu and I bought him coffee today as a farewell drink hahaha. Then we wandered around campus for good photo backdrops. I was the designated photographer. It feels like I took dozens of photos haha. All of the photos were of Krishnendu and Saheen (she is better friends with Saheen). I was in only one photo and it was a group selfie! I’m not a big fan of photos 🙊.

Afterwards, we went to a meeting and dinner with Arjun (our program coordinator). He took us to a REALLY good masala dosa place in Udupi. The masala was so good it had a lot of ginger and the chutney was really spicy. I wanted to try the idli there, but I was too full after finishing my dosa. Arjun managed to eat a masala dosa AND a plain dosa. Arjun impresses me with how much food he can finish off in one sitting!

Krishnendu and I are considering taking another trip to Kerala before we leave Manipal. She might be able to see Saheen again (o la la 🙊) since he is from Kerala too. We might visit Fort Kochi again and explore the town more! We aren’t sure and it’ll still up in the air.

Now I am going to sleep! I will post some of the pictures I took of them today and the group picture. I threw in some random ones too hee hee. I love and miss you so much! 3 weeks and I’m back in the US!!!!!

❤️ I LOVE YOU ❤️

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