About Me

“c’est le temps que tu a perdu pour ta rose qui rend ta rose importante” – The Little Prince

hey, it’s emily. I hate writing about pages, but I’m going to try it anyway. I love looking at sunsets, creating the perfect aesthetic, writing poetry, listening to music, taking selfies with the star filter on Snapchat, and attempting to sing every part in Hamilton at the top of my lungs. My skills include always going over the page limit, driving with the windows down (without messing up my hair), knowing all the words to “La Vie Boheme”, and binge watching Netflix (currently: The Crown). If you need me, you can find me wandering around with my headphones in while I pretend that I’m in a music video and daydream about musicals I want to write.


(the queen a.k.a. my horse Delilah)