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  1. Hey Lizzie,

    I like how you explained how the theories you describe either partially or do not at all offer explanations for your research question. I think this also adds to why your research puzzle/question is worthy of further inquiry. I also think you offered reasonable explanations for why your research question should be answered through small-n research. I do have a question on how you will deal with selection bias. I believe you touched on it in the presentation but will this be something you elaborate on in your paper? I think you offered some strong explanations for why you chose the cases you did. However, I think it could be made more clear to the audience why these cases should be compared with each other.

  2. Lizzie, I really think you have some very solid conceptual groupings! Most literature on sex preference often tends to overemphasise the role culture and tradition while underselling other, non socio-cultural factors like the economic utility of sons and the financial “benefit” they provide. I think this is super relevant and really added to the development of your research.

    However, something that caught my eye was the variable of “commitment to women’s rights”. While you do operationalise it, I worry that it is difficult to truly measure a government’s commitment to women’s rights. It is undeniable that their commitments act as a significant determinant of policy, I think there is also a role played by a country’s population and other, influential societal leaders (like religious or cultural leaders) in influencing these campaigns/promises, and further influencing policy. However, as I do not know much about the topic, this may not be super relevant – but potentially interesting to consider? Lastly, I think you had super good hypotheses – they were incredibly clear and made sense, and really added to your causal model.

    I really enjoyed your video and I can’t wait to read your finished research paper next semester!

  3. Lizzie,

    I like where you have gone with this topic in creating a research design. Your literature review and theoretical thinking is extremely strong, with you identifying three main groups of reasoning behind what drives son selection. I wonder if you can connect these groups with how the different countries you are considering as cases identify as the main issue regarding son selection, and how that relates to the policies they have implemented in response. The operationalization of your independent and dependent variables are also extremely strong and thorough, but I do think more elaboration on the “commitment to women’s rights” variable may be valuable. Since you focus on the “necessary and sufficient” route of hypotheses and you only identify necessary variables, I wonder if there is a variable that you would consider being “sufficient” regarding your puzzle. This is a really interesting topic and I’m excited to see where you go with it.

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