About the Blogger and her Project

Welcome to my blog: Complex Ecologies!

I am a student at American University pursuing a bachelors degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Studio Art. The focus of this blog is to explore the complex local system (CLS) [click here to see the class map with all the CLS]: The Dupont Circle Club, in Dupont Circle Washington, District of Colombia. Using digital archives and annotated bibliographies the CLS is analyzed interiorly and exteriorly and its relationships with its environment are mapped.

For my final project I mapped the patterns of adaption of spirituality through the infamous “Twelve Steps” as a commonplace in Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) programs in the eight wards of the District of Colombia. By mapping spirituality through the different adaptions of the Twelve Step programs in the District of Colombia, it is evident how since its foundation Alcoholics Anonymous has morphed to include individuals with all kinds of backgrounds that suffer from substance abuse. Click here to redirect to the project. 

In addition, Commonplace Books and Reading Analysis can be found of assigned/unassigned readings or media. Please check out these fun readings!!