Annotated Bibliography 9 and 10

In Google’s Maps a marker of the building 1623 in Dupont Circle (embedded above)  in Google Map’s Street View feature will be used. More specifically, the street view feature will be used because you can see via images how that street has changed over time. By seeing the different buildings that have resided alongside the building 1623  one can get a sense of the nature of the market changes that have occurred, and based on this future changes can be speculated.

For these reasons, I plan to use these maps as exhibits. I will analyze these exhibits for my argument that the building 1623 is in danger of being replaced by a market that is changing to cater a specific population (the analysis can be found in my Exterior and Political Digital Archives).

Weiss, Eric M. “NW Businesses Fear Skyrocketing Taxes Will Push Them Out.” The Washington Post. N.p., 20 Nov. 2005. Web. 19 Apr. 2017.

In the Washington Posts article “New Business Fear Skyrocketing Taxes will Push Them Out“, Eric M. Weiss exemplifies effects of increasing rents and taxes on the market. More specifically, situations where the markets increasing rents and taxes has allowed for the replacement of struggling local independent business for wealthy chain stores. For example, Weiss writes, “Some city business owners worry that rising taxes will do what riots, recessions, crime and crack did not: push them out. If they do go, they will take with them much of the eclectic character that has made such places as U Street a magnet for the new and affluent. And if the past is prologue, these longtime independent businesses could be replaced by those that can afford the higher taxes and rents: national chains such as Starbucks and the Gap”. In this passage, Weiss perfectly exemplifies the loss of regions iconic character due to increasing taxes; something that is not only happening in Dupont Circle but all over the District of Colombia.

Weiss’ stories will serve as exhibits for my argument that Dupont Circle’s small independent business are in danger of disappearing. Upon proving the possibility that the Dupont Circle Club is in danger of being pushed out I will then ponder if the business can survive online? As many of the business that have been pushed out have done.


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