DA: Exterior and Political #5

Snippet from Eric M. Weiss’s article in The Washington Post, “NW Businesses Fear Skyrocketing Taxes Will Push Them Out” that gives different stories of local business owners being pushed out by chain retail stores.

Eric M. Weiss published an article in the Washington Post called “NW Businesses Fear Skyrocketing Taxes Will Push Them Out“. In this article Weiss using local business owner interviews exemplifies how local businesses in the District of Colombia are slowly being replaced by chain stores. In this archive the story of Rosemary Reeds, ex-owner of  the dress store that was in Dupont Circle: Toast and Strawberries, is most pertinent to our complex local system, The Dupont Circle Club, in Dupont Circle.

Advertisement flyer of Rosemary Reed’s boutique Toast & Strawberries. Fashion Blog “Ooh LaLa Blog” writes a short post about Rosemary Reed and the closing of her iconic boutique.



An in depth article of the story of Rosemary Reed and her boutique can be found in Washington Post Staff writers, Michael Barbaro and Mark Chediak, article “Fixture of Dupont Retail to Close”.

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