DA: Interior and Cultural #2

The two texts that the DCC uses in their programs. The blue book is Alcoholics Anonymous and the second Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.
Set up of one of the meeting rooms of the Dupont Circle Club. It can be seen how the chairs are arranged to face each other and the leader of the meeting.
The Blue Alcoholics Anonymous book can be seen distributed among the chairs. An excerpt is read out of this book at the beginning of every meeting.

These are the chairs in one of the meeting rooms of the Dupont Circle Club (DCC), they are set up in rows to face the center of the room where the leader of the meeting sits. They chairs are arranged in a way so that everyone can see each other creating a sense of community and mutual support among the participants.

The blue book sitting on the chairs is titled Alcoholics Anonymous and is the main religious text in The Dupont Circle Club uses to guide their members to recovery. Another text that is used is the book titled Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions which also takes a religious approach to substance abuse rehabilitation.

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