Annotated Bibliography 3 & 4

“Understanding the Principles of Feng Shui.” N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Mar. 2017.

In the article “Understanding the Principles of Feng Shui”, highlights the importance of the relationship between the environment and human life. More specifically, it gives a description of the generally accepted concept of Feng Shui. For example, “Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) examines how the placement of things and objects within it affect the energy flow in your living environment, and how these objects interact with and influence your personal energy flow. Your personal energy flow affects how you think and act, which in turn affects how well you perform and succeed in your personal and professional life”. In this passage, suggests that Feng Shui affects us in our everyday life even if we don’t notice it. For, then, they aim to open people’s minds to the influence and importance that Feng Shui has in their lives.

I plan to use this source about Feng Shui as background that will support my arguments about how the religious interiors of the Dupont Circle Club affect the progress of individuals in this recovery facility.


Segan, Sascha. “Dupont Circle: Where Art and Eccentricity Meet.” The Washington Post Company 1997. Web.

A Washington Post “Dupont Circle: Where Art and Eccentricity Meet”, Sascha Segan lists Dupont Circles diverse business to show how they attract a mixture of people that give Dupont Circle it’s iconic reputation. More specifically, it provides evidence that Dupont Circle offers a welcoming setting for all kinds of individuals. For example, Sascha writes, “The result today is a social goulash of yuppies, gay and straight; a few young families and long-term residents”. In this passage, Sascha shows that the ambience of Dupont Circle allows for the co-existence of all kinds of people. For Sascha, then, what makes Dupont Circle iconic in the people that it attracts is due to the shops, restaurants, clubs, and businesses that it houses.

A big part of the success of the Dupont Circle Club is whether its setting will allow for its members to feel comfortable enough to go to the club. Therefore, I will use this source as background for my essay because it provides foundational concepts of the culture of Dupont Circle that are relevant to the members of the Dupont Circle Club.