Commonplace; Escape

“I can’t let you lose yourself looking for me.”

Kehlani’s “Escape” deals with a situation that I think clearly resonates with some part in every human being. How can you be with someone when you know he or she is better off either by themselves or without you? How can you let yourself let someone go when all you want is to be with that person? The restraint transmitted through those words is palpable; “I can’t let you…”

<<<lose yourself looking for me>>

At the same time, you can easily substitute “…lose yourself looking for me” with “go,” which changes the entire meaning of the lyrics to what must be underlining her statement. 

I can’t let you go.

What really is best for either individual? What if the other person feels a similar way, and in the end, they both lose their chances to be with each other because each thought they would damage the other?

However, losing oneself looking for someone else frankly sucks. An underlying point in this song is that you must be in tune with yourself and your worth before you can allow yourself to be attuned to someone else. Right place, right time, right person really is for the lucky ones.

For more music from this stellar artist, check out her debut album SweetSexySavage

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