DigiDoc; The Outskirts of RCP

If you want to walk to Rock Creek Park from the Metro station, this is what your primary view will be:

One of the many apartment complexes lining the other side of Rock Creek Park. This is the usual color scheme that finds itself ever so present throughout the entire area.
Look in between the small space separating these two structures. Beyond the brick, the steel, the dumpster in the corner and a wall is a peak at everything that Rock Creek Park holds.
What appears to be a high-end restaurant. If you just saw this picture, I bet you wouldn’t guess there was a gorgeous forest in the back of it.
I have a special fondness for this picture. This is another apartment complex lining the outside of Rock Creek Park. If you look at it from the side of one of the park trails, you’ll see that same opening in the middle and rows of apartments coming from both above and below. You can barely see the complex from the other side, but the opening is easily recognizable. The structure itself looks elegant and modern, wonderfully contrasting the back that holds miles of nature.

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