Annotated Bibliography; Rock Creek Park II

Rock Creek Park: A Short History

Benedi, Jamie. “Rock Creek Park: A Short History.” Curbed DC, 20 Mar. 2017,

Benedi writes this article to inform the audience of the “storied history” of Rock Creek Park and how it transcends into what people now know as a natural wonder among the growing city. The author mentions the background before 1890, when the Park was designed and established, which consists of a poor environmental condition because the Industrial Revolution brought with it a couple of negative effects to counter the positive ones. Beyond mentioning interesting facts about the Park’s history that shaped it, Benedi documents their time visiting Rock Creek Park and the research found during that visit. The author spoke to a couple of visitors, and a park ranger, who all had nothing but good things to say about the “outdoor zoo.” Benedi finishes off the article by seconding what the park ranger declared: Rock Creek Park is an “urban oasis” which houses culture, nature and recreation. In a space that is constantly changing, Rock Creek Park remains mostly the same.

I feel like this article adds something to my research because it counters what I held as my assumption about Rock Creek Park. Though I agree with the fact that it is an “urban oasis” hidden beyond the structures of the city, I previously failed to recognize the expansive and admiring mindset others hold for the Park. Benedi mentioned that the area was visited constantly by people of all treks of life, animals from different walks, and was overall a ridiculously important historical component (Civil War, Industrial Revolution, etc.). The article mostly shapes my newly found, more open view about Rock Creek Park because I was only going based off what I personally saw and what I instantly assumed, which was that it needs to be more present in the life of the urbanized individual.

Coyote FAQ

“Coyote Frequently Asked Questions – Rock Creek Park (U.S. National Park Service).” Accessed 26 Mar. 2017.

The website page details the presence of coyotes in Rock Creek Park. The page extends advice about the coyote to the public through the format of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ The wild animal has been at the site since 2004, and people are advised to not pet or feed, keep their own pets on leashes, and to not be afraid of the coyote, since they only attack when they feel threatened. The animal could be tempted to eat a person’s dog, for example, because they feed on carrion. However, coyotes are generally not dangerous to people.

What was most compelling about the content was the last question which expressed subliminal concern about the animal’s presence in the Park. The inquiry was formulated in a way that indicated an inclination to remove the coyote from the park, in my personal opinion. The site responded informatively and respectfully, for all parties, that the coyote is not a present threat and is to be treated like all other wildlife in the Park. That particular question made me wonder about the rest of the animals in Rock Creek Park that make people fear for their safety or others’. If this is how individuals view animals who find a habitat in the park (although I can honestly see where the worry comes from) I fear for how long the latter will be allowed to live in the region happily.  

Nevertheless, the site article provides me with better information about what type of wildlife call Rock Creek Park home. Like the previous article cited here, this source allows me to think with a less narrowly-enlightened mind about the direction I wish to continue taking with my research on Rock Creek Park.

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