Commonplace; To My Log Cabin Lovers

This housing in your hearts my home, My lowly old Log Cabin home.”

Joaquin Miller was a poet and lover of the log cabin aesthetic. The man lived in Rock Creek Park in what he called his “lowly old Log Cabin home” during the early-mid 1900’s and was very pleased with the location for his homestead. I chose these two verses from his poem, “To My Log Cabin Lovers,” because I feel like it represents something special about Rock Creek. He described his log cabin as lowly because it is humble. He wrote the “housing in [our] hearts” because we are innately connected to nature, since we are born from it. The poem got me thinking.

We, as human beings, usually think Rock Creek Park is just a home for those who walk on all fours or are frequent flyers. In addition to this, we see it as a space we can go for an entertaining pastime. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! I, in fact, would agree! But what would happen if we saw Rock Creek as a home, like Miller did for most of his life? What would happen if we actually related on a deeper level to what Joaquin believes about the park he considered his joyful house? I bet it would be quite a different time in D.C. Not better, not worse. Just different.

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