DigiDoc; Joaquin Miller Cabin

Wikimedia, “Joaquin Miller Cabin (Grant County, Oregon scenic images),” February 11, 2015

Joaquin Miller was a log cabin enthusiast and lived in the confines of his Rock Creek cabin for most of his life. The man called it his “lowly old log cabin home.” We can clearly see why. This picture shows the restored and conserved Joaquin Miller Cabin of now.

Wikipedia, “Joaquin Miller Cabin,” February 17, 2017

An older image from the back of Rock Creek Park’s Joaquin Miller Cabin. As you can see, the cabin is nestled in the park, uninterrupted. The only part of the construction that is not log is the brick chimney.


Wikimedia, “Miller Cabin,” December 20, 2012

An even older image of the cabin where it looks even more integrated into the park, since the cement pathway from the previous image and the fence and sign from the one before are invisible; the only thing one can make out besides the cabin is the trees and branches in the back.

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