DigiDoc; Klingle Mansion

Wikipedia, “Pierce-Klingle Mansion,” November 29, 2016

Rock Creek holds in its humongous land many an estate. One of the very prominent homes is called the Pierce-Klingle Mansion, located on Williamsburg Lane. The horticulturist, Joshua Pierce, built it in 1823 and passed it onto his nephew, Joshua Pierce Klingle.


Wikimedia, “Pierce-Klingle Mansion,” April 5, 2016

It may look like your usual Washingtonian home, but the mansion garners so much history. Though it may not look it, the house blends into the overwhelming pieces of nature, like the trees and bushes, that surrounds it. The stonewall style is my personal favorite part of Klingle Mansion.

For more enticing and aesthetically pleasing images, check out this website which includes pictures of the OK Foundry’s renovation of Pierce-Klingle’s iron elements (e.g. staircase railing and other decorative artifacts).

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