DigiDoc; Levy’s (R.I.P) Relationship with RCP

At 5:01, the ABC News video goes into detail about the discovery of Chandra Levy, D.C. intern who was missing for years, being found dead in Rock Creek Park. The remains of her body, specifically her hands knotted, are shown in ABC’s visual report, something no other news outlet had gotten a hold of. In addition to this, the reporters mention the man who discovered Levy along with his dog in the park identified the murder because of the skull hidden in the ground.

The video, besides showing the section of Rock Creek that was entirely restricted with yellow tape, includes some information about the police investigation that went nowhere. Part of the reason was because they had only searched 100 yards in from the distance between Rock Creek outland and the highway. Had the police searched for the woman’s body 100 yards into the Rock Creek trails, they may have found her body earlier and acquired more information which would have led to a more successful investigation.


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