DigiDoc; NPS + RCP

Google, “National Park signs.” Accessed April 14, 2017

I decided to make a collage which demonstrates one of the most important aspects about Rock Creek Park. As you can see, all of the signs (except for the one on the bottom right corner) are accompanied by a smaller acorn-shaped sign only identifiable as that of the National Park Service. National reserves and historical properties, ranging from Grand Canyon to Mammoth Cave, are protected by the American federal government. We care, nature! We care about you! The sign may be small, but its power is mighty. Without it, nature practically loses its voice, since the conservation agency’s sole purpose is to allow all of the locations indicated by the big signs above to live on in peace. Rock Creek is specially different from most of the other national parks. , the park is an “urban oasis,” as it is usually called, It is also lucky, for the National Park Service is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

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