DigiDoc; The Rocks

Carter, Elliot, Architect of the Capital, Google Maps, “Rockefeller Mansion,” October 16, 2016

The Rocks located in Rock Creek Park is identifiable as “one of Washington’s most luxurious residences” (Carter). At 16 acres, it is understandably a magnificent home hidden in the wondrous nature of Rock Creek. The mansion belonging to Jay Rockefeller, an ex-senator, has two mailing addresses! It was built in the 1920’s and still lives on. I think something so significant about Rock Creek Park, shown to me by the Rockefeller Mansion, is that it lives in such a wealthy area, somewhere where you would expect it all to be cut down, yet it is not. It is conserved, and all of the big, beautiful houses are constructed while keeping in mind the big, beautiful nature that gives the houses permission to be there. Click on the image to see the website where it was found!

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