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“I brought you daffodils, in a pretty string, but they won’t flower like they did last spring.”

Tumblr user cruci-al. Tagged #Tom Odell, #Daffodils. August 5, 2013.

Tom Odell, my favorite male artist, talks about the struggle of being with someone new without having moved on from a past relationship in his song “Another Love.” I find this specific sentence especially interesting because the word choices really allow that desperation for love in another but a yearning for the past to come across.

Pinterest user Emily Cann. “Wilted daffodils, journal sketch.”
Pinterest user Rebecca Lambert. “Wilted daffodils pen and ink.”

A superficiality in the current relationship can easily be interpreted if one reads into the fact that he brought his new girl flowers “in a pretty string.” Obviously they will never flower when you have cut the daffodils out of their roots and do not water them. You cannot cover up the issue of the inability to move on with pretty things that are not going to change what you feel inside.


Miriam Leach. “Two wilting daffodils,” April 23


Additionally, Odell makes the comparison between the two lovers by bringing up the fact that these new flowers will never flower like ones in the past. He is still holding onto something that has left; he makes it clear with that coordinating conjunction (‘but’). The man may be even thinking his past lover was a better one. However, you can read his attempt to live in the present because Odell mentions bringing flowers in the beginning. The artist is trying yet failing.

Tumblr user mradulkapoor.
Picture taken at Howard Theatre when I attended Tom Odell’s concert where I met and hugged him, took a picture with him, and got his autograph. In addition to having seen him in concert, which was a magical experience in itself.

The final most obvious thing to point out about the sentence structure and the meaning behind it is Odell’s use of combining the present with the past. The flowers he brought his ex-girlfriend were gorgeous, blooming, and flowering, from what we can tell in the lyrics. The daffodils now are just okay in comparison.

Twitter user Daniela Macorin, Thienbao. March 2, 2016.


With this mindset, it is understandably an extremely difficult task to move on. When in this emotional rut, one should concentrate on moving on by oneself and being okay with being alone, rather than constantly making comparisons between the person one loved and the other one is trying to love. While “Another Love” does solely concentrate on the amorously conflicted grapple, the lyrics, along with the piano chords, achieve in making the song entirely daunting and sad and powerful. And it makes for a great crying, belting-out-loud jam.


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