A Mosaic of Subcultures

During the month of February, I attended Professor Hoskins’s office hours and fell upon some interesting revelations and a newfound point of view for the direction of my research. In our College Writing 101 class, my peers and I have been asked to take any site in Washington, D.C. an analyze it in terms of its relationship to the city and how the location fits into the commonplaces and topoi structure. My site is Rock Creek Park.

In this particular appointment during office hours, Professor Hoskins helped me develop an idea for my final project. We talked about how, depending on who you ask, Rock Creek Park means a totally different thing to each individual because it is all about perspective. Thus, a mosaic of subcultures breaks in, and one must analyze how each piece of the puzzle fits in with one another. All of the variables fit into one conversation about Rock Creek Park, and I must determine what conversation that is. Topoi means something different depending on where on is. Consequently, Rock Creek represents total different variants of D.C. in terms of ecological surroundings.

In the end, it is all about perspective and how everything fits and communicates in any given environ. Now, after this session with Hoskins and a couple more, I have developed a final research project that attempts to break down that notion of subcultures along with impressionism with Rock Creek Park as my site.


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