Annotated Bibliography 2

Shin, A. (2013, July 21). Gentrification in overdrive on 14th Street. Retrieved from

-Annys Shin quickly sets in motion in the Article to demonstrate the rapid and sudden change through gentrification in the, “formerly riot-scarred corridor”.  The site has gone through an intense process of “Gentrification Overdrive” which, has lured, “investors looking for a safe place to park hundreds of millions of dollars”. “‘If you lived there in 2000, 2001, intuitively you knew things were moving in a certain direction’ Reynolds, 43, said. ‘But I never would have guessed there would be 50 restaurants, and that you couldn’t get into one on a Tuesday night”. Shin describes how the daily migration of “happy-hour” seekers is causing a resentment amongst the local population. The excess of liquor licenses has caused residents to, “propose a liquor license Moratorium”.

As described in S Street Rising by Ruben Castaneda, 14th and Ust used to foster as many as, “ three hundred smack dealers and their clients clustering late at night at the corner”(p.26). I was down there today and this is not the corner I saw, yes i was screamed at by a homeless man for taking pictures. However i can testify what Shin describes as this movement of gentrification of the upper skirt of downtown DC, once a project of drugs and low income, now becoming a popular hotspots for luxurious apartments, restaurants, and bars. This site is a good source to link to Schindler, or Castaneda since it specifically argues the case of “14th and Ust” and this “infamous corridor”. Is there a link between the sites history and amount of liquor licenses available? If so this is a good resource to look for when describing the change of the site. How maybe displaying the side of local residents, the effects of how the location is perceived as a bar, restaurant, and night seen, be upsetting and uncomfortable to live in.

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