Annotated Bibliography 3

Silverman, K. (2016). Elysium Fourteen. Elysium Fourteen, 1-14. Retrieved from

Kelly Silverman aims to attract the young the vibrant and the successful to the infamous “14th and U st. Corridor”. A very visual site that demonstrates through large maps and grids how the corridor is in the Mid-city of D.C. is near to 4 metro-subway lines, and how since Whole Foods’ opening in 2000, the “U-St. Corridor” is quickly becoming the most sought out destination for, “young, educated singles, residents of Metro Renters neighborhoods are just beginning their professional careers”.

The following site is a phenomenal resource for placing pin-point accurate locations when talking about the change in the last decade and a half in the specific location focused on my project the, “14th and Ust Corridor”.  The site directly mentions the presence of another of my resources the, “Busboys & Poets” a high end destination that also appreciates the rich history and change of the Corridor. Kelly Silverman is speaking to the affluent young individuals who are looking for the most vibrant experience in D.C. and is trying to demonstrate it by proposing a real estate venture in the corridor for a luxury apartment complex named, Elysium. The “hip” and “trendy” name of the venture, serves the perfect example for the purpose of my project to demonstrate the change that the corridor has gone through and how that has changed its physical landscape and actual site. When mapping for the project to demonstrate the new businesses and restaurants that have risen at the location this is the best resource to look for, because of the visual representation of the site itself. 

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