Annotated Bibliography 6

  1. “About 14th & V.” Busboys and Poets: 14th & V, 2012, Accessed 7 Apr. 2017

The author of the Website for the conglomeration “Busboys and Poets” establishes well why they decided to partner up with a local bookstore, “Politics & Prose” of the infamous U st. Corridor. “The U st Corridor has long been a center of DC’s cultural and activist scene with places like the Lincoln Theatre, the Howard Theatre, Ben’s Chilli Bowl, Bohemian Caverns and other historic clubs and venues serving as the hub for politics and artistry” is the first description as to why the specific location at 14th and V. Sharing values in historic culture, DC underground black culture of comedy, poetry, etc. The “Bus Boys & Poets” makes the claim that with its presence at the scene they  will continue to foster the creation of urban poetry, looking to re-establish the “U-street Corridor” as it was once known, the “Black Broadway” before Harlem took over as the center for black culture, in Jazz, and other forms of music. The group is essentially trying to restore the strong presence of African American culture into the Corridor.

The following resource is useful for demonstrating how there are certain groups that see the value of the location i am focused on. This site can really go along with other texts such as the one i used for my first essay, to show that the location once had glory and it can come back, which it certainly has slowly. This resource is helpful in demonstrating the change over time of the location, and how the specific location at “U st” has cultural importance as well as historic significance.

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