Annotated Bibliography

  1. F., Farah, et al. “Lalibela Restaurant – Logan Circle – Washington, DC.” Yelp, Yelp, 14 Apr. 2017, Accessed 27 Apr. 2017


“My favorite Ethiopian restaurant that had great food and staff…” is the last review that was given to “lalibela” Ethiopian restaurant on the Yelp app. Out of 215 reviews Lalibela has earned itself a 3.5 star rating. The list of weekly opening hours, menu, customer, review, location, and overall experiences are all laid out in one simple page. Yelp, aims to make the best user based rating app on restaurants, shops, and most of the cities service industry not only in DC but in many cities around the world. Many tourists, locals, and experienced reviewers can all come together and give an over ruling rating on a specific location like Lalibela. The ratings aim to provide potential customers on giving them nearby locations and destinations, Yelp looks to inform its user as much as it can about its surroundings so that the user can take a conscious decision on where to spend their money and cast their dollar vote.

The following resource is helpful when looking to understand the overall people consensus about a specific place, more common to restaurants and shops. The availability for a fast and easy rating on a location makes it easy for a regular consumer to make the decision whether to visit the place or not. Being able to attain an overall understanding and rating by a destinations typical consumer or client allows for more informed consumers. This site helps us understand the specific location, in this case Lalibela’s Ethiopian Restaurant. Besides professional and academic methods of analyzing a complex local system Yelp allows consumers to take a more casual, quick, and less in depth understanding about the service a place is offering, how well it offers it, and how they are doing compared to nearby competition. Magazine articles can be biased and over all studies of a location creates and displays averages which are more like trends, Yelp is a fast and reliable source to rely one when wanting to understand the true workings and services of a specific location, like a restaurant. Having a simple 5 star rating system allows for simple reviews that are created by regular people, so it provides good evidence for when understanding what is said about a location outside the professional and experienced sectors of advertisement and reviews. Anyone can rate a place with Yelp which makes it a useful tool to understand what people are noticing when visiting the site.

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