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As i was walking through 14th Street and its surroundings its impossible not to notice the amount of homes for sale, new apartment complexes, and the vast amount of different realty companies. This is an example of what new industry is picking up the neighborhood. A new economy built on service and real estate, 14th Street is sure to keep up its pull on the young  and successful individuals. The aim to gentrify the area is clearer than ever with realty advertising “Luxurious” and “Fine” properties for sale in the “new” 14th St.

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“Different in a thousand tiny ways that might mean nothing and might mean everything.” (Blake Crouch, P.183)

-The following quote pertains to the current Novel I am reading, Dark Matter, a journey through alternate universes and parallel worlds that can different in the greatest to smallest ways, for the worst of matter of the Best. Possibilities are infinite in the traveling of multi verses that present alternate realities to every single decision made by a single individual. Specifically, the quote is talking about a wife who has no idea her husband she is currently with for the past six months is a fraud of her real husband from an alternate universe in which he is a physicist that has perfect multi verse travel and stolen his other self’s position as her husband. The same man but with thousands of small differences that makes her uncertain whether she does or doesn’t like him.

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“Because there is nothing that makes a man grow beyond his own stature than a woman telling him she loves him” (Nesbo, p.108)

-The following quote is from the novel I am currently reading, HEADHUNTERS by Jo Nesbo, and stroke me because, i remember a time when a girl which, you could say was my lover for a few days, turned out to be a little shocked in the head. After i rejected her, she found a close friend of mine made him fall for her and now he has it against me ever since. I am not making a generalization of women im stating the power a women has in a man’s heart. These aren’t forces to be played with.

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“As a citizen, in other words, the individual is lifted out of the particularities of his or her earthly position, drained of personal history, family resources, religious faith, and physical attributes and transformed into a self-contained rational being, floating in a space of neutral laws and abstract procedures to which he or she has (apparently) assented.” – David Fleming
-This quote from the City of Rhetoric: Revitalizing the Public Space strikes me because i have always been a fan of Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, and at first I couldn’t put the words together. I tripped a long time on this quote. In some sense it describes perfectly how I perceive the idea as a citizen and an individual. The idea that we naturally fall into these constant norms and procedures as Fleming states, it baffles me. Because can there truly be an individual? In the sense that if we are products of our upbringing can one truly eliminate all previous bias? And reach a true state of individualism. Love it.

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“‘Yup’ he said. ‘There he is. Right down at the bottom. See him, Frankie?’
Frankie crawled a little further, still blasting. He looked down. Brady looked at his mother. Deborah Ann Hartsfield gave the smallest, most imperceptible nod. Brady didn’t think. He simply kicked Frankie’s triple-diapered butt down Frankie went in a series of clumsy somersaults that made Brady think of the fat Blues Brother flipping his way along the church aisle. On the first somersault Frankie kept on blasting, but the second time around, his head connected with one of the stair risers and the blasting stopped all at once, as if Frankie were a radio and someone had turned him off. That was horrible, but had its funny side. He went over again, legs flying out limply to either side in a Y shape. Then he slammed first into the basement floor.” – Stephen King

-The previous quote belongs to the novel i’m currently reading, “Mr. Mercedes” the reason this paragraph stood out to me, it’s because as i was reading I was disgusted and terrified at the same time. The paragraph is making reference to the fall of a mentally challenged boy being pushed by his mother down the stairs simply because the boy could stop blatting. His brother Brady is describing his challenged brother fall down the stairs to his home’s basement. This terrifies me, because the kid didn’t choose or caused his disability and it freaks me out a mother could do such a thing for her own comfort. Disturbing.

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“El pueblo luchará contra la injusticia hasta la victoria siempre.” – El Che Guevara “The people will fight against injustice until victory always.”

A sentence this strong is the type of vocabulary that makes us remember el Che and his ideology, sentences like these become eternal.