Semitic Linguistic Group in Eritrea

Tribes within the Semitic group relate to the Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic cultures and languages. The Tigrinya and Tigre tribes are under the Semitic group. The Tigrinya and Tigre are similar to each other, especially in religion and social structure. Both tribes are more alike to each other compared to the other tribes. Many of the people within both tribes are farmers and/or shopkeepers. The Tigrinya and Tigre tribes generally get along since there are similarities, but do not get along with the Nilotic group. The Nilotic group consists of the Nara and Kunama tribes. The Nara and Kunama tribes have very different political and cultural views compared to the Tigrinya and Tigre. The Nara and Kunama tribes inhabited Eritrean land longer than the Tigrinya and Tigre tribes. The Tigrinya tribe have tried to influence the Kunama tribe to conform to their views. An example, would be dress wear. Typically, people of the Kunama tribe roam around the area with limited clothing, due to the culture and extreme weather surrounding the inhabited land and the Tigrinya tribe enforced more of the usage of clothing. Overall, the Tigre and Tigrinya tribes do not really have issues with the other tribes/groups.

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