Psalms 37:4

A few months ago I found this dollar lying around on the ground of a laundromat. I picked it up and was ready to use it to buy a snack from the vending machine. Before inserting the dollar into the machine, I noticed there was a small inscription on the side of the dollar, which stated, “Psalms 37:4”. Initially, I thought it was weird finding a bible verse on a dollar bill. I immediately pulled out my phone and looked up the verse. Psalms 37:4 states, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart”. For a few minutes, I stood there in dismay and confusion. This was a period in my life where I slowly was losing touch with God and I found that dollar during that period. I wondered whether this was a coincidence or a message. I didn’t if there were more dollars out there with that same exact bible verse written out. I showed the dollar to my mom and she thought this was a message from God. I am not sure why that dollar and verse came into my life. I have always thought that it was weird that specific verse on was written on that dollar. That verse specifies that God is around when you give him a chance and appreciate his works.

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