Designing for a Post-Gender Society

In her His & Hers? Designing for a Post-Gender Society, author Suzanne Tick introduces the topic of “gender revolution” and the shifts within gender normalities. Ultimately, Tick argues that now within our society the normalities of each gender has shifted and people need to adjust to the new societal changes. To further her point of gender normality changing within society, Tick uses examples such as bathrooms.

Featured within the article depicting femininty

Tick discusses how gender neutral bathrooms are accommodating for those who do not associate with a specific gender. The bathrooms promote inclusivity and are accommodating for people, which is important for her argument, especially since she mentions the importance of public spaces. As well, she mentions the fashion industry and the adjustments made such as providing more gender neutral options to accommodate for people. Also, Tick mentions the working environment being more lenient pertaining to women in the the field.


Overall, Tick appreciates the initiatives being made for bringing more inclusivity. However, she believes “designers” (x) need to initiate more efforts. Society needs to conform to a more accepting “public sphere”, especially since various entities have made accommodating changes.

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