Making a Return

Hey guys!

I haven’t used this page within the last couple of years, but I am back! I am trying to get back into blogging again. I won’t be using this page for class anymore, but I will post more content that I feel is important to me and the people around me. I will try to use this page to address pressing issues such as mental/physical health, nutrition, college life, transitioning to the next phase in life, upliftment, book/article reviews, etc. I am open to suggestions and feedback. 

If there is anything you guys want to see more of please let me know!

Welcome to my page!

Hello my name is Ghelatia Petros Araia and I am a student at American University. Welcome to my page! I am a biology major and I currently am taking Writing 101 with Professor Hoskins. This blog page is created for my Writing 101 course. Within this course, we have written plenty of annotated bibliographies, digital archives, commonplaces, rhetorical analysis, and most importantly worked on a mapping commonplace assignment. This mapping commonplace is a rhetoric that explains what has happened to the 7th and S street neighborhood of Shaw-Howard after the demolishment of John’s Place.