Could Swindoll be Right?

According to renowned Pastor Charles Swindoll, author of “The Grace Awakening”, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”. After reading Swindoll’s statement, I questioned many of my life choices and how those decisions came about. I have always believed that whatever you give in life comes back in return. Swindoll’s statement agrees with my viewpoint. Though, I think it’s very interesting that Swindoll uses the percentage to explain his viewpoint. Before reading his quote, I never really though how a reaction can impact situations and make certain situations better or worse. Yes, life can throw curve balls and yes there are obstacles in the way. However, the reaction or the way you approach particular situations can cause an aftereffect. No matter how bad an issue can be and no matter how badly you want to change it, it might be the attitude you give. I feel as though the use of the exaggerated percentage does a good job of getting the point and message across.