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I visited the location claimed to be formly be John’s Place. That area/building is torn down and now a corner store called Elbo Market located at 1731 7th St NW. As I entered, I was immediately greeted by friendly workers in this convenience store. The store clerks were a bit uneasy with me entering the store and asking questions about the neighborhood and their place of establishment. The store is small, but the bright orange wall colors made the room pop. The clerks described the minimal changes within the neighborhood such as traffic light reconstruction and the new apartment buildings across the street located in 1700-1730 7th street NW. From his descriptions, it seems as though the 1700 block of 7th street NW are receiving the effects of gentrification.



The Elbo Market does not contribute much to the 7th street society. The market provides goods to the local community, however there is a lack of support. The workers are very nice and the facilities are wonderful, however the workers seem out of touch within the community. There is a lack of community integration; not just within the store, but also within the local community.