Reflection of Last Class

During our last class meeting, we discussed and evaluated this course curriculum and set objectives. Professor Hoskins spoke to us about the purpose of rhetorical writing and what it means to be writer in this society. The class took this as an opportunity to reflect on what has happened during the semester. Various students appreciated the how the assignments we worked on such as the mapping place assignment allowed us to explore D.C. and rhetorically analyze the city. Students also appreciated the fact that these annotated bibliographies helped organize research.

Extra Stuff: Office Hours

During my session with Professor Hoskins, we worked on my coming up with ideas on my upcoming mapping common places assignment. Initially, I wanted to work on a prezi presentation and Professor Hoskins suggested working on a Time Mapper as well. The Time Mapper can help with organizing the dates from research project. Within this session, I came out feeling a lot more comfortable with my project. Before walking into the meeting, I didn’t have a lot to work with, but my brainstorming session with Professor Hoskins helped.

Office Hours

During my first office hours visit Professor Hoskins, I felt very comfortable. Professor Hoskins sat down with me and we went over how grading within the class works and how to improve assignments. At first, I had difficulty writing papers for this class. I didn’t always follow the directions and I sometimes would get lost, which would clearly reflect in my work and grade. Meeting with him helped me with understanding and clarifying this course’s set objectives. As well, my grades started improving because I started incorporating more multimodal tools and I applied more rhetorical thought into the work.