AUTHOR: Conflict Sensitivity Consortium


TYPE OF TOOL: Training course

KEYWORDS: conflict sensitivity, training course, Conflict Sensitivity Consortium, impact assessment, risk reduction

FORMAT: Downloadable PDF, 31 pages


WEB LINK: (CSC) (website) (pdf)

ABOUT THE TOOL: “The manual is ideally useful as a guide for operationalization of conflict sensitivity by way of assessments, context analysis and mainstreaming of conflict sensitive approaches in institutional policies, organizational interventions; community based initiatives, individuals’ daily work and life settings but especially in conflict prone/affected zones. The realization that assistance becomes part and parcel of the context and the conflict in the setting in which it is given makes it paramount for the people working in such scenarios to be able to understand the interaction between their actions and processes with the conflict dynamics in the context.

This guiding manual is aimed at improving and enhancing the values and principles in the understanding, application and monitoring of conflict-sensitive programming. It is intended to equip practitioners with skills and knowledge that will enable them to among other tasks conduct conflict sensitive trainings, conflict analysis, undertake peace and conflict impact assessments, as well as to design, implement, monitor and evaluate conflict sensitive programs.”

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “The project “The Practice of Conflict Sensitivity – Concept to Impact“ strengthened the practice of conflict sensitivity throughout and beyond a broad consortium of humanitarian, peacebuilding and multi-mandate development NGOs.

The purpose of the Conflict Sensitivity website is to further the understanding of what “conflict sensitivity” means in practice, in terms of organisational systems, project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of specific interventions. The original consortium comprised a diverse range of agencies which continue individually, together and with others to share findings widely in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors to enhance the capacity to institutionalise and implement conflict sensitive approaches.

INTENDED USER: “This manual is intended for development, humanitarian and peace practitioners, it also applies to multiple actors including diplomatic, governmental and donor agencies and the private sector in identifying possible areas for infusion of conflict sensitivity.”

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